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Woman and man having fun

I was surprised when my fingers reached the cunt. Literally soggy. I slid my middle finger between the lips opened wide. My whole body trembled even more violently. She took my shoulder with one hand and my arm with the other. Then suddenly she came so wet. Now she was shaking from head to toe.
I let her pull my hand and pull herself together. In the meantime, I opened my pant’s front side with shaking fingers and took my dick out. My dick was burning like a fire.. After, my wife’s eyes caught this situation. Slowly slipped down from the stool. She reached out and grabbed my dick so nice.
“Ohhh how nice up” she said.

He fucks woman so hard
Her fingers were wrapped around my dick. Her hand moved. Then she knelt slowly in front of him. Now she held my dick from the bottom. She stretched out his tongue and licked my cock’s throbbing head. I feel like an electric shock. Her mouth opened and her beautiful lips replaced her tongue. Oh, it was like an oven in your mouth. She pressed her head forward and my dick almost went to his throat. I couldn’t help myself anymore. Suddenly I exploded like a ball. All night long, my balls filled my balls and inflated them and began to gush into his mouth. My wife was sucking with great ambition. The more she sucked, the more I flied. Then her water began to come again. My eyes darkened with pleasure. I had to hold onto the stool to avoid falling.

A perfect sex experienced
When we both gathered ourselves, we went to the bedroom. After a short time, we were naked, on the bed. My dick was like a stake again. It didn’t mean anything to me that I just brought my back. My wife, who brought her two times in a row, was no different than me. We were kissing each other, kissing everywhere we could find. We were both unsaturated.
– Do you like it when they want to fuck me? she asked suddenly
– I said, “Very …” When they pulped you in such a dance, I was almost coming.
Oh…Did you like it baby? Really..? How much…?

Oh yes my darling. It was awesome. They have used to fuck you standing up… But you were giving up standing up… ”
– “Ohhh yes darling I gave them standing. I gave them both standing… Ohhhhh…”
– “Do you like it, baby ..?”
“Oh yeah baby… I was so enjoyed that when they put their big dicks on my stomach, I came with both of them… They brought my water so much… ”

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